Naughty But Nice (May 2017)

A group of nine this week and a more difficult topic. The phrase “Naughty But Nice” comes from a 1939 film of the same name starring Dick Powell and Ann Sheridan. The point being were there experiences or events in our own lives where we had been naughty, but without evil intent, without wanting to hurt or destroy i.e. “nice”.

The group now is quiet strong and respectful of each member, but we reminded ourselves of our agreed boundaries i.e. what was said in the group remained there, unless there was a real concern about someone’s safety and care; that we all respected other members so we would be careful with what we said so as not to frighten or cause concern; that we should not hurt our own spirit or wellbeing; that anyone at any time can say stop!

What emerged was a series of lines, which this poem tries to keep in some sort of order. The poem should be read with rather a punchy rhythm to reflect the way that they said in the group.


A bag was found in a telephone box – a temptation, but it was returned.
Not so lucky was the Mickey Mouse money box my friend used to raid.
The sweets were delicious and all the more tasty, until she was caught and it stopped.
The Church –  a source of wealth, by not giving the money I should.
Even worse was the reverse– I got a good hiding for that!
And so I played ill to avoid the temptation of going to that blasted church!!!

No television, no radio, but out on the street playing “Knock Down Nanny” or was it “Knock Down Ginger”?
Picking daffodils and tulips from gardens for Mother’s Day.
Pulling my brother out from the pond, brushing off frog spawn and taking him home.
But too many naughty things led to a smack – I was too much like my mother.
A really mixed up family, but wonderful when it worked.

My worst – I was evacuated at 10 and last to be picked.


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