Boredom (June 2017)

A small group this week – a group of four. We started by looking at a collection of books with the theme of childhood. These books were full of pictures of children in the 1940’s and 50’s. These resulted in a lively discussion and what became apparent is that some of the group had found childhood rather dull and their life now rather boring. Other members of the group found neither childhood or their present lives boring. So, was boredom just a state of mind, linked to life’s opportunities or was it down to an individual’s nature?


At home, there is always something to do.
No-one to talk to.
But I have never been bored.
No-one says good morning or even hello.
Wartime everyone helped.
Listening to people moaning.
I read – I love autobiographies.
Hearing from others about aches and pains.
I make things – sewing clothes
I’ve never been bored.

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