Early Memories (April 2017)

A group of ten this week and again it was wonderful to see and hear how they gave each other the confidence to talk about their memories. Not everyone contributed, and for those who did not or could not, it was an opportunity to spend a little time listening to others and, I hope, reflecting on their experiences. Looking at their smiles and at their engagement, with the conversation, I am sure that they did.

We started by acknowledging our aches and pains – the results were: backache 2, neck-ache 2, no aches 2, finger ache 1, eye and ear ache 1, heartache 1. This final one gained the most sympathy, and the least sympathy was for the ear ache as she was not taking her medicine!

What emerged from our discussions were three main stories and one with an intriguing possibility.


My claim to fame was – as a bridesmaid,
Such a day, such a dress, such style.
A big wedding, a big ballroom
and I was the youngest by a mile,
There I was in blue and turquoise.
I did dress up – so lovely.

One man’s back was my opportunity,
It was the one thing that I wanted to do.
I felt fantastic. I took his place.
Thank goodness for his bad back.
I had no sorrow or sympathy there.
I entered stage left – so proud.

I love fruit and I love toffee,
So, toffee apples were my desire.
Ruby and I, we both went scrumping,
but Ruby was caught and locked in a shed.
I tripped him up and Ruby got out.
We ran so fast – so scared.

During the war, my mother made toffee apples
Where did you live?
So did I. I used to buy toffee apples from the lady a few streets away
I wonder?
And we all wondered how wonderful it would be
if two children had met again – so sweet.


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