School Days

What it was to be at school
So many memories, but I am no fool.
Some teachers were kind, others were rough
Whatever they were I was tough.

I was with one as she died
She was so kind all I could do was cry.
My nanny was so different, so hard, so grim
I threw my porridge, it made me grin.

When I was caned I didn’t holler
Unlike my brother, a dreadful waller.
Meanwhile, I moved from London to an exciting find
A cowpat – what a thing: it blew my mind.

School trips were always a concern
I should have gone, there was much to learn
I stayed away, against the law.
But I was lucky, those that went just found a war

So let me give you a teacher recipe
Listening, humorous and kind they must be.
And when the teacher does not bother.
A child will always help another.

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