Backbeat to my Life (July 2016)

At a previous meeting, we had talked a little about music and so returned to it for this session. The conversation picked out various performers and examples of tunes were played. To do this a streaming music service was used (e.g.  Apple Music or Spotify), which meant that suggestions could be selected, downloaded and played as they were requested.

Not only “What music?” was asked, but also “Where was it heard?”, “What was it played on?”, “What was the context?”, “Why do you like music?”, “What does it do for you”. These questions were used just to challenge, encourage and probe. They were not used sequentially but used to open-up the conversation when appropriate.


There was no music on a Sunday,
Believe me, the day it dragged –
just like the torn-up newspaper, hanging in the loo.
Silence was never golden.
With music, we are not alone.

We did not need a “ghetto blaster”
Just a wireless and a gramophone.
Louis Armstrong, Joe Loss and Alfie Bowlly
carried us, our lives, our hopes,
our dreams and all our loves along.

We enjoyed a live performance.
Goodness me, the Town Hall rocked
But now: I love Daniel O’Donnell
He gives my heart a shock.

So thank you!
All you artists – you provide a backbeat to my life
Shirley Bassey, you are gorgeous.
I wish you were my wife.

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