January Sales (February 2016)

A cheque for Christmas – I am now prepared!
The price will be right, the price correct.
4:00 am and the queue has started.
My sturdy 50cc steed has delivered me safely.
Oxford Street you are mine.

Marks and Spencer; C & A;
Webbers, Capes, Elliston and Carell;
Sainsburys; Littlewoods; BHS;
Dorathy Perkins, Harrods and ETAMS
YES Everything To Attract Men

It’s true!

I have you all in my sights,
You are all on my list
I will take each of you in turn
And turn you around,
I am strong only buying what I need

Underwear, stockings, sheets and blankets.
I think “How boring”
I can be persuaded to change my mind

Seduce me.

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