Present Sense (April 2016)

They group was very pleased with this short poem since all the lines were decided by them. The idea of the Present Sense poem came out of a discussion we had about the giving and receiving of presents and how that can sometimes go wrong. The first line was a question that was actually asked (Is it alright to give money”) as a genuine query and the last line (“telephone call”) was the last line to be given and the whole group thought that it was a superb punchline to finish with.


I give money for presents – so that they can buy what they want.
Please don’t buy me – handkerchiefs, socks or aftershave.
I would like a slide rule – I want something that will last,
I don’t like smelly things – I want Armani perfume, not something that smells like fly spray.
Club together and buy me what I want – a coat or something useful.
I don’t want ornaments – I would just like a telephone call.

Christmas Memories (January 2016)

What candour, what wit, what knowledge – the bookgroup and I
Together with Helen, the memories fly.
Christmas is coming and reminiscences abound – from here to Barbados they all come around.
From Salvationists singing and the midnight mass – to Christmas kisses for a boy and his lass.
Creeping with parcels to children, but please – don’t make a noise, don’t even sneeze.

When we wake in the morning the turkey is cooking.
The smell is mouth-watering, but our presents are calling – so bacon and eggs, for now, will suffice.
My stocking is full – of chocolates and spice and so many other things that are all quite nice.
Now to church to gaze at the crib in its scene – while others have taken a bus to new places.
But we all return in time for the Queen.

First was the feast and our bellies are bursting – and while we doze we remember our blessings
We didn’t have much money, but whatever we did – there was laughter and smiles each evening
Our day had been lovely, but for many, maybe these memories are mixed.
Forget the bad ones – the good ones are fixed.
So, can I say “thank you” and wish you the best, perhaps next year we can all be blessed.