Holidays Extraordinaire (March 2017)

A larger group this week – nine people. We all had fun recounting tales of places visited, liaisons of various kinds, of shoplifting and dangerous traffic. All great fun.


Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside,
as long as it is not Weston-super-Mare.
One found Malta as his favourite,
but Thatcher destroyed that idyll.
Others found Portsmouth soothing,
Or was it just the sailor or was it a marine.
So long ago, but memories bring back the smiles.

Blow all that romantic bilge,
Give me a good honest cruise
In 1988 P&O were at their peak.
I don’t need the Navy,
They can take me anytime.

Mind you – do beware of roundabouts in Paris,
Of lost wheelchairs and frames.
It is important not to pack the trousers
That you were about to wear.
But let me steal some shoes –
the French, they will not care.

Holidays – what do I care when Palma
was my home for longer than I dare.
So travel long and travel free
we all have done our share
and now we will bring our memories
to each other, if we care.

I Remember it Well (June 2016)

This session was introduced by reading I Remember it Well as sung by Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold from the film Gigi. In the duet Maurice list a series of memories and Hermione corrects him (rather impatiently) throughout; that is until the last verse.

He says
“Am I getting old?”

Her answer is tender and caring and full of love,

“Oh no, not you
How strong you were
How young and gay
A prince of love
In every way”

As befits his character he answers

“Ah, yes, I remember it well”.

This was the start of our discussion, but soon the poem took a life of its own. The first line was spoken as a joke, but it made a brilliant start. The next line was in the same vein. The rest just flowed.

The poem is quite short, but the memories and discussions which arose were very honest and open. Everyone reflected on life and experience.

There were seven members in the group today and each one took part either through contributing lines or stimulating others by their conversation.

The final poem is very different from what I thought would be created. As usual, the group surprised and delighted me and themselves.


I remember it well, but then Dearie, you are so much older than me.
I still love you and you are getting ugly, but I remember you well.
So many partners, I don’t remember them all, except you – I remember you so well.
Montego Bay, I remember it well. The car trip, the journey – so long.
My joy at finding you’re queer. I remember it well
No, I am not sleeping or dreaming, I was there and I remember it well.
I travelled for love, a love which remains. Oh, how I love you – I remember you well.