Dogs Just Win (March 2017)

A group of six and a discussion about animals. Lots of chatter, unfortunately not very relevant to animals or adventures, but fun all the same.

So this time a very short poem. From a vote of those there – dogs just win.


Dogs just won the favourite vote and I wonder why?
We had cats because of the mice,
How they would play and tease them before their death.
So cruel.

Perhaps that is why dogs won.

We had a black retriever, it ran away.
He went to Reg’s café for a treat and left us.
It broke my heart and I cried for a week.
So sad.

Perhaps that is why the dog won.

I lost my child. My husband and I were frantic
Where could he be, we shouted and called
He was in the kennel, the dog outside.
So still.

Perhaps that is why dogs won.

Guarding children, guarding prams, part of the family
Leading the way, in their own way.
Remember Laika one of the first animals in space.
So alone.

Perhaps that is why dogs won.

But I had a tortoise called Sparky, we drilled a hole on his shell!