Autumn Memories (October 2016)

There was no real topic for this week, as it was unclear who was going to be there and whether, indeed, the meeting would go ahead.

Outside there were just the first signs of autumn a few horse chestnuts leaves were settling in the courtyard and it was the first time that everyone felt that summer was over and Autumn was beginning.

The chat turned to Autumn and the poem we wrote last year, so we decided to try to write another, but this time comparing now and them. A really interesting discussion began and some of the members painted a really vivid picture of Autumn and winter of their youth.


Autumn now brings earlier nights and colder days.
Leaves are falling,
but as the heating system starts to rumble, my mind turns to earlier ways.

Mr Irons selling candles and paraffin from his cart.
And if he was missed then off to the shop –
the blue or pink smelly liquid decanted into a can. Trimming the wick was an art.

Anthracite, compressed coal Ovites, logs and coke all provided me with warmth,
and my room with a glow.
First footing and Tom the pie-eyed milkman at Christmas time. Memories that make me smile as I turn up my central heating dial.

Autumn Rap (September 2015)

You can’t put your washing out to dry
You can’t put your washing
You can’t put your washing
You can’t put your washing out to dry

Guess that I will have to bake a pie
Damsons, pears, elderflower wine
Crab apple jelly, chutney’s fine
Polish the conkers, make them shine

Days getting darker, clocks going back
“Please put a penny in the old man’s hat”
Smoke curls up from the chimney stack
Bats in the bonfire- how about that!

Sparklers, Catherine wheels, rockets fly
Don’t forget to dress the guy
Trousers, waistcoat, shirt and tie
Now the fireworks light up the sky

Back to the house for food and wine
Back to the house –
Back to the house –
Back to the house for food and wine!